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Buzz Lightyear Toy

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In Toy Story 2, After Woody is kidnapped by a greedy toy collector named Al, who is intent on selling him to a toy museum in Japan, Buzz leads Andy's toys on a daring mission to rescue him. On the journey, Buzz accidentally comes across a newer Buzz Lightyear toy with a utility belt. When he tries to take the belt, the newer Buzz (who, like Andy's Buzz in the first film, believes he is a real space ranger) attacks him, believing that he is a disobedient space ranger. The two Buzzes fight and Utility Belt Buzz traps Andy's Buzz in a cardboard rocket ship similar to the one he originally came in. Soon the other toys find Utility Belt Buzz and mistake him for Andy's Buzz, despite Buzz's cries of "You've got the wrong Buzz, YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG BUZZ!". Utility Belt Buzz joins the gang after Rex tells him that he knows how to defeat Emperor Zurg (in a video game. ) Andy's Buzz eventually breaks free from his cardboard prison and tracks down Utility Belt Buzz and the rest of the toys. After arguing with Utility Belt Buzz over who the real Buzz is, he eventually convinces them that he is the real Buzz by showing them the bottom of his boot, which has Andy's name written on it. Although he manages to convince Woody to return home, Stinky Pete stops him, as the latter wants to go to Japan. After Buzz and the gang fight Zurg in the elevator shift, they use a pizza planet truck to chase after Al to the airport (while Utility Belt Buzz staying behind to play with an amnesic Zurg), with Buzz controlling the steering wheel as well as moving a pizza box on the driver's seat to help him reach it. Eventually, they manages to rescue Woody along with Jessie and Bullseye. At the end of the film, we see that Buzz has developed a crush on Jessie.

In Toy Story 4 , Buzz will return where he and the others will help Woody reunite with Bo Peep .

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